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      Crochet Creativity


Womens Tops 

Front (code:BTT1)

Lace Up Back

Front (code:BTC1)

Open Back (opt)

The tops are made from 4ply and 8ply cotton.  

Size 8 - 14   $46.00.  Size  16 - 20   $55.20.

The design above has the option of an open back or can be made with a lace up back.   Size 8 - 14   $46.00.  Size 16-18   $55.20


Front (code:BTC2)

Lace Up Back

Acrylic Top (BTAB1)

Lace Up Back

Cotton closer stitch top.  Sizes 8 - 14  $46  Size  16-18  $55.20

Acrylic tops are priced at $39.10 (sz 8-14) & $44.85 (sz 16-18)

Acrylic. Front (code: BTAG1)


Cotton Top (code: BTT2)

Acrylic Top

Sizes 8 - 14  $39.10

Sizes 16 - 20  $44.85

Cotton Halterneck Top

Sizes 8 - 14  $46

Sizes 16 - 20  $56.35


Boho          Footwear

I make unique footwear for all ages.  The following items can be ordered with your choice of colour, size and style.

These are so comfortable and can be worn outside or inside.  I use a jandal sole with a felt insole for comfort. 

Choose from lace up around your ankle, T Bar which does up with a button or a cute simple ankle strap, also buttoned.

Boho shoe cotton handmade

Cream - Ankle Lace Up #1

Boho shoe Black cotton handmade

Black - Ankle Lace Up #2

Yellow cotton shoe boho handmade

Yellow - Mary Jane Ankle #3

Cotton Boho Shoe Handmade White

White - Mary Jane T Bar #4

All these shoes are made to your size.  I will also make them for children and have some babies ones in the pipeline.

Sizes Adult 4 - 8 are $34.50

Sizes Adult 9 - 12 are $40.25

Keep scrolling for more styles.  Prices are the same.

The Mary Jane style is very popular for those that don't want lace up.  They do up with a button on the side of the ankle.  I will be making these with a small buckle soon.

Sizes Adult 4 - 8 are $34.50

Sizes Adult 9 - 12 are $40.25